Why WordPress is the best CMS for small business over Wix and Squarespace

I recently delivered a client from Wix to WordPress. What a headache. But in the end, the client had a self manageable website that was flexible to meet their needs. They loved WordPress, here’s why: For many years, WordPress has been arguably the most popular CMS used to create a website. But for some time,Continue reading “Why WordPress is the best CMS for small business over Wix and Squarespace”

History of Gospel Music

In this article I will discuss the history of Gospel Music and its place and people of origin. Today, gospel music is seen as an exciting, jubilant, foot stomping experience with great audience participation in the african american churches. But history tells us a story of the birth of this music’s painful past  from the Continue reading “History of Gospel Music”

Five Reasons Why Your Business or Ministry Should Use WordPress.

As a web designer, I find WordPress one of the easiest Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Below are some the top five reasons your small business or church ministry should get on the WP Bus: