Business Card Have a Bible Verse?

Does Your Business Card Have a Bible Verse? Here was my answer (and I’d love to know your reaction):

If you’re in an explicitly ministry job, such as worship leader, pastor, etc, then I wouldn’t have a big problem with a Bible verse on your business card. After all, you’re in the “God business” (so to speak) and your work revolves around sharing the scripture and expressing your faith in a very direct way.

Anyone else? Forget it.

Here’s my opinion: If you’re a filmmaker, business person, teacher, insurance salesperson, or anything else, I wouldn’t put a scripture verse on the back of your business card. Why?

1) Your life should be your testimony, not your business card. If you’re relying on scripture from the back of your business card to show that you’re a believer, then you’re doing it wrong. Live a Godly life, and you won’t need a crutch to help express your faith.

2) I have yet to meet anyone who was led to Christ from a verse on the back of someone’s business card. Let’s be real for a minute – Yes, God’s Word doesn’t return void, but do you actually think people make life-altering decisions based on a quote on someone’s card? Chances are, more people are driven away by the technique than brought to Christ.

3) It could start a conversation, but it could also be an obstacle. There are plenty of people in the world that for whatever reason, don’t like or are uncomfortable with Christians. So why turn them away with your business card? Give them time to know you, understand your business or product, and after you’ve developed a sense of trust, then you can share the gospel.

People usually have the right intentions, but erroneously think a gimmick will open a door that simple, human connections wouldn’t open. They proudly display their Christian bumper stickers, fish symbols, business card verses, or scripture t-shirts, without going to the effort of building a deeper relationship.


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