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NYU | Tisch Music Essentials: Defining Your Persona

NYU | Tisch Music Essentials:  Defining Your Persona

After taking the 16 personality assessment from, I have discovered I have the rare persona of advocate. An advocate personality is an introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality. 

The advocate personality clearly and accurately describes my personality and why I do what I do each day. For example, Advocates are passionate about what they believe in and speak passionately about whatever they’re convictions are about. In my montage I selected Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to describe my personality because I often find myself becoming the voice of other people.

In my montage there is also a sketch of my late father who was a Pastor, to describe my creativity and artistry as well as passion for the Gospel which voices “to do what is right.”

As an advocate I find myself desiring authentic relationships with others while taking the time to think and evaluate the world around me.

I chose to become an inspirational gospel music songwriter & producer because my personality naturally elects to speak for what’s right through music just like my father and Dr. King who emotionally communicated to others while igniting a fire to turn anger into action.

By Terrell P. Pearson

Terrell Pearson is the creative mind behind NuCreature Media and NuCreature Ministry. He is a former chef for R&B singer Keith Sweat and lives in Chicago with his wife Deborah.

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