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Five Best Practices for Digital Marketing on Instagram

It’s no secret Instagram has become the hottest platform for digital marketing. In recent years, marketers and brands have been striving to capitalize on this tremendous growth of Instagram. Promoting your business on Instagram has been proven to be a formidable tool if you learn the tricks for selling your brand on Instagram.

Instagram not only allows you to connect with people and gain visibility. It also paves the way for your brand to be recognized and retained by users of a communication strategy to benefit your expansion.

Here are five best practices for digital marketing on instagram:

1. Create a business profile

Your Instagram business profile should, in no way, resemble your personal Instagram account. 

Here’s how you can create a compelling Instagram profile that will improve your online presence to attract more customers.

a. Use an attractive bio.

Experts also believe that an Instagram bio should prompt a customer to take action while showcasing the company’s personality.

The bio should be both interesting and informative. It must be able to attract visitors. You need to convince visitors that adding you will improve the content and value of their feeds.

Provide details necessary to market your business in a concise and relevant manner. This should appeal to the Instagram community you are targeting. Also, be sure to reflect the tone of your shared images.

b. Link to your site.

Only in the Instagram bio can you place a clickable link, so take advantage of that. Indicate the link to your site in the space directly below the description (at the top of the Instagram page).

2. Promote your business on Instagram aesthetically.

You must be able to enhance the brand identity of your business. Most of the aesthetics of your Instagram feed will be based on your business identity. It’s up to you to set the tone and the personality you want to convey in the content posted.

Respond to your target audience without compromising on your brand identity. Note that Instagram feed mainly targets current and potential customers.

Research about the product or brand that is most appeals to your target audience. And reflect that through the different types of content posted.

3. Research the strategies of your competitors.

Study your competitors’ content and get an idea of what they are promoting on Instagram and essential to place in your market.

Do they use user-generated content for their products or services? What kind of content do they post on social media? How often? What is their hashtag strategy?

Get new insights on what the competition is doing and new ways to improve your own Instagram strategy.

4. Use the right hashtags in your Instagram strategy.

Hashtags are used on Instagram to allow users to follow their content preference.

Try to your hashtags strategically so that more users can find your posts while searching for content.

The following are some practices that will help you get the most from hashtags:

• Use less than 15 hashtags in each post.

• Select a few frequently searched hashtags.

• Include hashtags that are exclusively relevant to your target audience: reactions may be fewer but more qualitative.

5. Utilize stories to maximize engagement

The most popular feature on Instagram is stories. (400 million daily active users as of June 2018).

If you can relate stories to your brand identity, they will automatically connect you emotionally with your audience and bring meaning to your post’s content.

The stories you post make a significant contribution to building brand loyalty. Instagram gives you the best platform to post stories, which gives credibility to the brand.

But at the same time, your Instagram feed should reflect the purpose and image of your business (and your brand), as it will create consistency.

Random and disconnected content can be confusing. So be careful what you’re about to post.

In conclusion

Get off the beaten track! Don’t hesitate to try new things. The Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing every half hour. So, whatever work for you last week might not work the following week. This is why you must regularly adapt your Instagram strategy.

Therefore, it is better to keep experimenting with new ideas constantly. If they are working well, keep them. If not, try something new. Be original.

By Terrell P. Pearson

Terrell Pearson is the creative mind behind NuCreature Media and NuCreature Ministry. He is a former chef for R&B singer Keith Sweat and lives in Chicago with his wife Deborah.

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