Five Reasons Why Your Business or Ministry Should Use WordPress.

As a web designer, I find WordPress one of the easiest Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Below are some the top five reasons your small business or church ministry should get on the WP Bus:

  1. It’s a free Content Management System. Although it began as a blogging platform, it has grown into a powerful CMS loaded with power and flexibility. With the right plugins, it can turn into anything you want from e-commerce to an online portfolio.
  2. It’s easy to use. If you use Yahoo email you can use WordPress. Anyone on your staff can log on and post a blog or update a picture.
  3. The search engines love it – Google and the other search engines love WordPress – meaning they get “indexed” quicker and better. And with special bells and whistles (called plugins), they’ll love your site even more … giving you and your church website better exposure in search engine rankings.
  4. It’s cost efficient. Many designers offer “templates” or “themes” as WP puts it. You simply choose the layout you want and have your designer customize the graphics, add a few plugins like a shopping cart, video library, mp3 download feature, etc. and you’re on the air!
  5. Creative Control. If you have it installed on your own hosting account, you have complete control as opposed to using WordPress’s free server. All you pay is your monthly hosting fees. That’s it.


Published by Terrell Pearson

Terrell Pearson has served in ministry since childhood as minister in music at Shiloh Apostolic Church in Chicago to the media ministry at Taking Authority network in Atlanta. He currently owns & operates NuCreature Media, a digital media design company based in the nation's capitol.

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