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Photo To Art

Looking for a creative holiday gift? Imagine your favorite photos transformed into a beautiful portrait painting! Whether its a digital pencil portrait, digital sketch, or  hand drawn oil painting. GET 25% off your total order by entering promo code: 25OFF

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Digital portrait paintings or digital pencil sketches are truly a unique photo to art form. Using Photoshop you can get the same handpainted  pencil sketch or oil painted effect that can be printed on paper or canvas.

Order includes:

  • 1 digital portrait painting
  • 1 person or 1 pet
  • Digital Delivery (by default)
  • 1 day turnaround


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[toggle title= “Traditional Pencil Sketch”] [anywidth width=”250″] [lightbox link=”http://www.nucreature.com/wp-content/uploads/DAD-photo-to-sketch.jpg” title=”Pencil Portrait Sample” width=”250″ height=”” align=”left”] These hand painted pencil drawings are a unique work of handcrafted art and makes a great gift anytime of the year! Each portrait sketch is handpainted by one of our artists using smooth charcoal or graphite pencils onto vellum acid free artist paper. You can see and feel the authenticity when you receive the actual painting and know for sure it was done by a true artist and no computer rendering. Each painting comes signed by the original artist and guaranteed by us.

  • Created using a smooth graphite pencil


  • Drawn on high quality acid free art paper or Canvas


  • Sizes: 11×14″, 16×20″


  • Finished with a silicone spray to preserve for a lifetime!!!

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